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January 16, 2009

Koop Island Blues Video

Koop Island Blues is one of the hottest songs, even though the Kia Magentis 2009 picked it up for its ads and driving the Kia is equivalent to sitting in aluminum foil.

Koop Island Blues
is a magnificent song and comes with an even more magnificent video on and I thought it only fitting to share it with you.

Koop Island Blues reminds me of Portishead's music, and Lord knows how much I just love Portishead.

So take a listen to Koop Island Blues by Koop and let me know what you think.


PJ said...

What a gorgeous, evocative video. Thanks for sharing it.

Karl Plesz said...

I saw the ad that features this song on TV and immediately wanted to know who the artist was. So, thanks for blogging about it. I agree, it's a great tune. I've been a fan of Koop but had not heard this one yet.


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