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January 16, 2009

Randolph Cook Claims Oprah Smoked Crack

Chicago businessman Randolph Cook is letting the world know that Oprah Winfrey used to do crack cocaine with him while the two were having a secret love affair in the '80s. Why now? Well, he's dying of esophageal cancer and figured why not bring Oprah down with him.

Apparently, Randolph Cook, 51, claims that Oprah Winfrey taught him how to freebase crack cocaine and even used to do her show while she was high. The book is called The Wizard of O, na dit kind of makes sense considering Oprah was at her absolute thinnest in the '80s.

So Oprah Winfrey was a crackhead in 1984 and Randolph Cook is willing to put his life on the line trying to make a buck off the story. I don't think Randolph Cook has any idea what kind of mess he's going to get in because they don't call Oprah Winfrey the most powerful woman in the world for nothing.

Expect to see Cook's body washing up ashore any day now.

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Anonymous said...

This really is pathetic. I don't find the story itself to be unbelievable, I wouldn't be surprised if there were at least some truth to it. In fact, he tried to get a book deal about 10 years ago and claims he was essentially blackballed and then "paid off" to make it go away. But I just read a few pages of the book online. This cat doesn't accept responsibility for anything. "Oprah made me do it... It's Oprah's fault I'm a deadbeat dad, a gigilo, and a drug addict…Did I mention my parents were alcoholics..." Excuse after excuse. This guy disgusts me. After reading a few pages, I feel like I owe him a HUGE THANKS for never being a part of my life. I'd have to say that growing up with no male role model doesn't seem nearly as bad after listening to my "father" try to explain why he is such a poor excuse for a man. Ironically, he taught me so much more by not being there than he ever could have if he had chosen to participate in my life. I don't wish death on anyone, but you reap what you sew, Dad.


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