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February 23, 2009

Ben Stiller Mocks Joaquin Phoenix at Oscars

Ben Stiller showed up to present at the 81st Oscars ceremony looking like the Unabomber and, even though he was standing next to the very gorgeous Natalie Portman, it was hard to notice her because Ben Stiller was imitating Joaquin Phoenix. It was so funny that I don't think anyone even knew what they were presenting (it was Best Cinematography).

Natalie Portman says, "You look like you work in an Ascetic meth lab." And Ben Stiller said that he was tired of being the "funny" guy. He even walked away from the podium to stare at the screens... even Natalie Portman could not contain herself.

If you didn't see Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman last week, click on the link and you'll understand why what Ben Stiller did was so incredibly funny.

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