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February 23, 2009

Denis Beaudoin Claims He Fathered Nadya Suleman's Kids

A man named Denis Beaudoin has come forward to claim the 14 children he says he may have fathered. Denis Beaudoin says that he donated sperm to Nadya Suleman three times because she claimed that she had ovarian cancer and needed the help of a doctor to get pregnant.

Denis Beaudoin claims he didn't ask any questions when he donated his sperm because he was in love with her and the two even dated between 1997 and 1999. Apparently, he thought that they would eventually marry. What a doof.

Denis Beaudoin says that he wants to take a DNA test and, if he is the father, he wants to help Nadya Suleman out because he knows she can't afford to support them. Nadya Suleman denies that he is the father. What's worse is that Denis Beaudoin says that even if he is not the father, he still wants to help her.

All this sounds too fishy to me... this guy suddenly comes out of the woodworks to claim the kids. Perhaps he's just out for fame. Perhaps Nadya Suleman cut a deal with Denis Beaudoin to ensure that she keeps appearing on the covers of magazines. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

I hope Maury has some free time, this will be a ratings booster for sure!

To see the video of Denis Beaudoin, click here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Octupus strikes again! What a two-faced paradox this woman is. Nadya's statement as to why she couldn't destroy embroys is a bizarre paradox. She claims she wouldn't want children out there that she didn't know. HELLO! The sperm donor has children out there that he does not know. I think Beaudoin is straight up. I bet my cards on him. Nadya Sulemen has more than proven to be a psychopathic liar. Nadya’s Octups are noticably bi-racial looking with the exception of one fair-haired preemie. Rest have tons of black thick infant hair; significant with bi-racial babies. Her other six have same bi-racial looks. Re public records: Beudoin's father is white, mother is black. Sulemen's father is Arabian, mother is Lithuanian. A very mixed bi-racial gene pool to draw from!

Beudoin has VERY good reason to take a DNA test. Nadya’s very twisted tales can’t be trusted. There are some who question if a sperm donor is responsible to pay support for offspring. Catch 22 deal! Yes and No. Yes, he is responsible. That is UNLESS he signed a valid contractual agreement while at the IVF clinic, which he states he has no parental rights. Signing is a given, the usual practice that happens at ANY legit IVF clinic. Sperm donor can choose to have his name disclosed or not disclosed. His name will not be released if he has requested so in writing — BUT he MUST be present to sign his REAL name on the IVF contract. A woman can’t go around collecting sperm in a back alley, stick the sperum cup in her breasts to keep warm and run off to an IVF clinic without a legit doner present to attach name to the sperum and sign agreement. The forgery of a sperm donor’s name or — omitting of the agreement could only happen in a clinic ran by an unthical Doctor. Dr. Kamarava comes to mind. After all, Nadya worked in a ferility clinic and my guess would be she worked for Dr. Kamrava at his clinc.

Another hoop — is that Nadya was legally married for 12 years when --implanted; she wasn't legally divorced nor had a legal separation. Her divorce was final 2008, no children by tmarriage to Marcos Gutierrez. Yet, Sulemen bore six children every year for six years, then -- had eight Octups in 2009. JHC! In a span of 13 years; 1996-2009. If every wife could decide who the father of her unborn is to be and her husband have no say -- then what? This is a legal issue far from kosher!! Nadya wanted her own TV Show. Fantasy Island would be fitting. Ain’t over yet! Like they say, “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Beaudoin is a husky guy and he has just sung. He strikes me as being very clean-cut, sincere, kind and likable guy. Go Denis!! Waiting with baited breath for that DNA to come back!!

Comment ~by ELM.


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