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February 19, 2009

Michael Jackson to Auction Off Bizarre Items

Considering Michael Jackson is in a financial pinch of sorts, he's decided to auction off some seriously bizarre items to the highest bidders. But considering Michael Jackson is a bit of a weirdo himself, I'm guessing these items are completely normal for him.

First up for bid: the gates to Michael Jackson's now defunct Neverland Ranch.

Next is a piece of art the depicts Mona Lisa, Michael Jackson (pre-crazy surgery) and company donning dark sunglasses and a white glove. No seriously.

Then there's the Rolls Royce, more strange artwork, rhinestoned socks, that infamos white spandex glove, a personal letter from Ronald Reagan, his 1984 American Music Award for Thriller, and Edward Scissorhands' hands. Yes, this is all for real, so if you thought there was a chance that Michael Jackson was just a bit misunderstood, here's all the evidence you need to figure otherwise.

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