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February 19, 2009

Pamela Anderson Fashion Week Disaster

Pamela Anderson really needs to start covering up; she's 41 now and it's quite obvious that she wasn't very good to herself in her 20s. Not only is she starting to sag in all the wrong places, but Pamela Anderson refuses to believe it. And she decided to walk the runway during Richie Rich's Fashion Week show.

Add to that the fact that she's wearing the same makeup on her wrinkly face and you've got yourself a woman in sheer denial. Pamela Anderson was stunning in her heyday, but the hey and the day are gone now and she needs to face it.

Given, yes, her body is not atrocious for a 41-year-old, but Pamela Anderson really raised the bar on hotness when she was younger and, well, she just doesn't have it anymore.

What do you think? Should Pamela Anderson start covering it all up and take on a more conservative look? Like say, draping a pashmina over her damn self?

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