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February 13, 2009

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - MoNique Hairy Legs

You may not be incredibly familiar with Mo'Nique; she is a comedian who likes to eat. A lot. Well, it seems that her culinary induglences have led to her forgetting that her legs actually need to be shaved before she steps out of the house in a red dress. I'm guessing Mo'Nique either didn't get the memo or, as they say in rap speak made for radio, she don't give a tish. 

Mo'Nique stepped out with her man and her full on beastly hairy legs and even posed for pictures so that the world could get a really good look at the fur that grows on her unusually disproportionate-to-her-body calves. 

Hey, I adore Mo'Nique and think that she's all kinds of funny, but she definitely needs to give those legs some wax on.

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