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March 22, 2009

PSA Shows Rihanna's Painful Beating

A PSA has begun airing in which a depiction of the beating Rihanna got from Chris Brown is the focus. And if you take a look at the video, which I don't think any kid should see, you'll notice that Rihanna took a serious hitting from Chris Brown.

I can understand that Rihanna hit Chris Brown first and he likely saw red, but you'd think that at some point during the ass-whooping, he would've realized that he was giving the beat down to a chick and that she's biologically weaker than him. But no, Chris Brown took it to its full length and made sure that Rihanna felt the pain of his wrath.

It's a great thing that Rihanna left Chris Brown because if she didn't, you know that it would happen again.

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