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March 13, 2009

Howard Stern Being Charged With Providing Drugs to Anna Nicole Smith

In what comes as no surprise, except for the fact that it took so damn long, crazy-eyed Howard K. Stern turned himself in on March 12, 2009, on charges that he and two doctors provided a boatload of prescription drugs to Anna Nicole Smith before her death.

Howard K. Stern was the creepy "lawyer" guy who stuck to Anna Nicole Smith like gum sticks under your shoe on a sticky, hot summer day before her death and then tried to snag the baby girl she had. Because, as you know, with the baby girl came loads of cash.

So now the question remains: Did Howard K. Stern intentionally drug up Anna Nicole Smith until she overdosed in hopes that he could cash in, or was it simply a case of a man who was lovestruck and would do anything for the woman he loves?

I'm guessing it's the former.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching the attorney to Howard K Stern today on Larry King, and I'm so glad they are nailing this drug pusher, for supplying Anna Nichol the pain killers that killed her ultimately. Amazingly, Krista looks a lot like Anna Nichol. It also seems that she could not, would not, honestly answer the questions that were asked in regards to Howard K Stern. It makes me angry to see her talking our of her neck like a criminal defender does. What an artist.


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