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March 1, 2009

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Eat Dog Treats

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson appeared on a German talk show to promote Marley & Me and ended up snacking on dog treats before exiting. Why, you ask?
Well, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson wagered on whether or not a German woman could tell her dogs apart if she were blindfolded and listened to them lap up their bowls of soup. Jennifer Aniston bet she could do it; Owen Wilson bet that she couldn't.

The stakes were that the loser would have to eat a dog treat. Sure enough, Jennifer Aniston was right, but she was a good sport and decided to have a dog treat with her costar Owen Wilson.

I'm guessing that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson will think twice before placing a wager next time around. That, or they'll just avoid Germany altogether.

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