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March 25, 2009

Kim Kardashian Gets Mildly Photoshopped

I always thought that Kim Kardashian was gorgeous - no, I'm serious. She is stunningly beautiful. And this before and after Photoshop picture proves it.

Kim Kardashian posed for Complex magazine and they touched up the picture of her, but if you look closely, they didn't touch a stitch of her perfect face. Yes, they slimmed down her thighs a touch and evened out her complexion and skin tone, but other than that, Kim Kardashian must be a Photoshop editor's dream.

So, now do you believe me that Kim Kardashian is beautiful?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

yeahh i always wondered how she managed to stay so slim, when she's quiet a huge size...but as we all know known of the stars are perfect...
And yes her face has been photoshoped a little bit, if you notice the hair line has been rounded off, and her face has been brightened just a lil bit...

Now when I see myself in the mirror, i shouldn't feel that


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