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March 16, 2009

Mel Gibson Cheats on His Wife

Mel Gibson pretty much hammered the nail in his proverbial coffin when he openly blamed Jews for every war that's ever happened during a drunken tirade upon his arrest in 2006, and now he's trying to regurgitate his career by attending rehab and what have you.

Unfortunately, pictures of Mel Gibson cheating on his wife, Robyn Gibson, and 7 children, with mistress "Oksana Pochepa" on a beach at his 300-acre retreat on the shores of Costa Rica's Pacific shoreline, have surfaced. Well, at least we know Mel Gibson is not broke. And he has great taste in mistresses.

So now his reputation is in the shitter once more because no one likes a cheater, who's also a Jew-hater, even though it's common knowledge that Mel Gibson, 53, has been cheating on his wife since the dawn of man. Okay, perhaps that was a slight exaggeration, but then so was Lethal Weapon. All of them.

6 comments: said...

She is just a stranger standing behind him! He is not a cheater and never has been...and everyone knows he is a recovering alcoholic who had a small slip, he apologised and admitted he was talking shit..just like this whole article is...shit!

sent from: said...

So who is he kissing? In the pic, it looks like the same stranger standing just behind him... and what about his history?

sent from: said...

Tilly you are obviously mistaken & blind, there is more than enough proof that Mel Gibson has been unfaithful to his wife that gave him SEVEN CHILDREN & 28 years of her life! On top of that it's no wonder you don't believe he's a cheater you can't even spell correctly. APOLOGIZED is the correct way you spell it dork.

sent from: said...

Ejhjj- If you're going to bash someone for bad spelling, work on your grammar. It's nearly impossible to read your prose in one go-through because you don't know how to punctuate (comma- try one). You're ridiculous.

sent from: said...

I Love him anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sent from: said...

Tilly and MJ, please tell me how it can be a "stanger" standing behind him when he is on his 600-acre PRIVATE beach?? HAHAHA!! idiots.

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