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March 16, 2009

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Victoria Beckham Weird Neck

Victoria Beckham is as skinny as they get, there's no surprise there. But it's also true that Victoria Beckham has managed to make her extreme thinness work for her as well. Except for now.

Here is an image of Victoria Beckham either a) showing her age, or; b) swallowing a few pieces of rice that got stuck on their way down.

Victoria Beckham needs to do something about that look ASAP and perhaps she should consider turtlenecks... I hear they're all the rage alongside the aviator glasses.

1 comment: said...

Victoria Beckham is a freak! She is so overated and she is desperately hanging on the coat tails of her sexy husband. She has no sex appeal whatsoever and she looks like an anorexic gay man, which is why her husband always plays up on her.

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