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March 8, 2009

Melissa Rycroft Will Be On Dancing WIth The Stars

Melissa Rycroft has been selected as Nancy O'Dell's replacement on Dancing With the Stars, which begins on Monday March 9, 2009. Although Melissa Rycroft isn't exactly a star, she is recent enough in our memories from her very public dumping on ABC's The Bachelor that the show's producers thought us stupid enough to believe she is a star.

Anyway, Melissa Rycroft began practicing a few days ago and is set to put on her dancing shoes and, I'm just guessing here, the pity parade will be voting her ass in every week just because nobody wants to see her get rejected twice on the same network.
Melissa Rycroft is cute and has a pretty rocking body, so I'm sure she'll look great in the outfits. Let's just hope she dances better than she dates.

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