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April 27, 2009

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde

I give Kim Kardashian props for trying a new look, but Kim Kardashian as a blonde will not fly. Yes, she still carries around that beautiful face, but the blonde hair does nothing for her look. 

There are some women who are just meant to have dark hair and that is the category where Kim Kardashian belongs. So Kim, please take off that nasty wig andf go back to your original color. 


Anonymous said...

I like her hair that color, I think it looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Blonde hair looks weird... She is still pretty because of her beautiful face, but not hot. When she had black hair, she looked amazing, but now she looks like she's trying to be like Leona Lewis or something... Something is missing now. By the way, brunette hair is better than blonde almost always...


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