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April 9, 2009

Pete Wentz Cheating Ashlee Simpson

Maybe Pete Wentz isn't giving it to someone else just yet, but it's only a matter of time before Pete Wentz ends up cheating on Ashlee Simpson. After Ashlee Simpson headed home during Pete Wentz's tour, Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy headed to Vegas. And you know what happens in Vegas...

Pete Wentz ended up in his hotel room with a bunch of groupies and ended up bumping and grinding with a few of them (and there are pictures to prove it). Ashlee Simpson is at home taking care of Bronx Mowgli and you know she's pissed as hell about this.

Pete Wentz doesn't seem like the type of guy who can stay married and committed for too long, so watch out divorce court, because here they come. And I don't mean that in a perverse way.


Anonymous said...

You're just another women who thinks cause a man dances with some strippers, he's a cheater. Way to ignore that he's not fucking them. Lots of guys get their appetite here and there, but ultimately eat at home. Fantasy and turn-ons aren't all about the one you love. It doesn't mean you love them any less, but it does mean that we are all human and sexual. I do think Pete Wentz is a douche, but I think you're a douche for posting this as direct evidence of inevitable infidelity. Moderate that, Hilda Ballbreaker.

Tina Yeah! said...

Yeah, and you're just another man who thinks that grinding up against strippers is not.

If your girlfriend had some guy rubbing his penis up against her ass while you were home knee deep in child vomit, would you really give a shit if she were actually cheating?

And what if someone took pictures of her whoring it up with half naked guys so all your friends on Facebook could see it? Would it really matter if someone literally stuck a penis in her?!?

The post isn't about him cheating literally, you jackass, it's about him disrespecting her.

Loz said...

oh wow u really dont know pete wentz is not the kind of guy who would cheat on anyone especially his wife. he has been through alot and if you knew what pete has been through then you would know how much he adores and how much he needs his wife, he brings his wif e and baby on tour with him because he needs them there so before you start going off on pete atleast take a moment to find out who he is and that is why i think what you said was just stupid =)

Loz said...

well all im going to say that if you knew who pete wentz was or understood his background and everything he has been through then you wouldnt write rubbish like that. he would never cheat on his wife who he adores and needs in his life. he brings his wife and baby on tour with him because he needs them there. so id advise you to take a moment to understand who pete wentz is and what he has been through before you make assumptions about a couple of pictures you have. so that is why i think your little article is rubbish :)


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