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August 19, 2008

Jennifer Aniston on John Mayer Breakup

Now it's Jennifer Aniston's camp who's talking all about her breakup with John Mayer, and they're making it quite clear that it was Jennifer Aniston who dumped John Mayer and NOT the other way around. Like that makes a huge difference.

What is interesting though, is the reasons behind why Jennifer Aniston told John Mayer to take a walk back to Wonderland without her:

1- John Mayer is cheap - Apparently, John Mayer would always conveniently forget his wallet when they were out together, forcing Jennifer Aniston to dish out on any and everything they did and ate.

2- John Mayer loved media attention - John Mayer would call up the paparazzi and tip them off about where he and Jennifer Aniston would be so that they could show up and take myriad pictures of them that would ultimately end up on the Net and blogs like

If you think about it, it all makes sense; after all, John Mayer did decide to spill his guts to TMZ the other day regarding the breakup. And that pretty much sums up what he's all about. Add to that his weirdo blogging a while back about Jessica Simpson and there's no doubt that Jennifer Aniston's people are right.


Anonymous said...

Any man who wears a mono-kini thong is sick. Please get help!

Anonymous said...

I think it's his attempt at mocking Borat... I think John Mayer looks pretty good, actually.

Anonymous said...

"Mocking Borat"... Well, that's cetainly a good example of "Two wrongs don't make a right"!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, he does nothing for me. I'm surprised she kept him around for so long.

Anonymous said...

Make that: "Two thongs don't make a right"!

Anonymous said...


1. No monokinis
2. No tattoos
3. No jewelry in questionable places
4. No toyboys
5. No moochers
6. No paparazzi on speed dial

Please help Jen by adding to this list!

Anonymous said...

I think that someone should look at both sides of the story.
He's actually quite attractive in that suit.


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