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August 14, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Loss

When pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt's fat and cellulite ridden ass surfaced all over the Internet and bloggers just couldn't stop making fun of her, she became incredibly upset and let the world know that she had a great body and was, in fact, a size 2.

So you may be just as shocked as I am to discover that little Miss Size 2 has lost 18 pounds recently and feels great about it. So I'm guessing that she's past size zero and has headed straight to having clothes designed specially for her because there just isn't a size that small in existence yet.

She does look great, I admit, but after her ranting and raving about how she feels great the way she is and that there's nothing wrong with her body, and then to drop almost 20 pounds as a "so there!" only makes her look like a bigger idiot.

I guess you can't win either way in this business.

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