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August 5, 2008

Jessica Simpson Strips For Tony Romo

We all know that Jessica Simpson is about as bright as a bag of hammers, so when I heard that she does webcam strip shows for Tony Romo's pleasure, I could only shake my head in wonderment at her stupidity.

It's great that she uses her assets to keep her man happy, bu one would think that she'd know better when it comes to using the Internet as a mode of communication, especially one that involves stripping down and doing sexy time with your boyfriend. Then again, maybe she's not as dumb as we all think and this is her plan... keep the world talking about her by showing off what really makes her famous...

For all she knows, Tony Romo has all his friends standing around in the background, jerking off to her performance. Or maybe he's recording it, waiting until the day she goes running back to John Mayer so that he can get his revenge. Either way, Jessica Simpson an idiot.

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