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September 24, 2008

Clay Aiken Admits He's Gay in People Magazine

Although anyone with an inkling of a mind already knew that Clay Aiken is as gay as the day is long, it seems that some fans are shocked by the upcoming People magazine cover that brandishes Clay Aiken with his newborn son admitting, finally, that "Yes I'm Gay!"

Some fans are heartbroken and feels like they've been "lied to" and now just don't see Clay Aiken in the same light. But in al honesty, did these girls really imagine that one day he was going to fall in love with them and marry them? I mean, the boy is gay, not a mass murderer. Take a breath, you idiots.

So Clay Aiken is likely going to lose a host of fans, even though he's so gay that he didn't have a kid the traditional way and has yet to be linked to a woman other than his mother.

I have to admit; I think Clay Aiken fans are probably a tad more delusional than Michael Jackson fans.

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