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December 24, 2008

Suri Cruise Gets Tons of Fan Mail

Suri Cruise is more popular than her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and has the fan mail to prove it. Suri Cruise is probably one of the most beautiful and most photographed celebrity babies on the planet and it seems that all that press is working in her favor. She receives over 100 fan letters a day.
Suri Cruise is also a swag target - designers send Suri Cruise all their wares in the hopes that she'll wear them out in public. Anything she wears becomes an instant top seller.

If Suri Cruise continues to get cuter and cuter, she might even become more popular than Shiloh Pitt. Oh, dare I say it?

Suri Cruise really is adorable in all the pictures I see of her and it seems that fans from around the world want to let her know that they think so too. Unfortunately, she still can't read.

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