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March 19, 2009

John Mayer Wants to Tell All

If this is true then John Mayer is a bigger asswipe than I first imagined. It seems John Mayer is set to make $10 million for a tell-all book in which he reveal the intimate details of his relationship with Jennifer Aniston

One of the big chapters would include the time that Jennifer Aniston called John Mayer "Brad" in bed. To be quite honest, after you've had Brad Pitt, there really is nowhere to go but down. And John Mayer is pretty low on the scale, even though he is great in bed from what most women say.

Besides that, John Mayer will reveal Jennifer Aniston's fitness regime, which, word has it, is incredibly fierce, her temper tantrums and, of course, their crazy sex play. 

I'm not sure how lengthy such a book would be, but I imagine John Mayer would sprinkle in some chapters devoted to Jessica Simpson and any other semi-famous chick he's managed to play wonderland with. 

John Mayer's people deny the story, but after John Mayer revealed everything about their first breakup to TMZ for free, I imagine he'd jump at the chance to bag $10 mil to tell all.

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